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Wholesale bulk cheese knives provides selection of soft /hard cheese knife and cheese tools gift set. The selection of cheese knives is tricky. It should be done based on the type of cheese you are using. The below guide will help you in choosing the best one as per your needs.

Soft cheese knife

This type of knife is also called an open work blade knife. On this knife, there will be holes in the blade. This design is to prevent soft cheese from sticking. You can use holes to push pieces of the knife. The sharp edges and holes on the blades are the main feature of this knife. It is ideal for Camembert, Brie, and Fresh Mozzarella cheese.

Hard cheese knife

These types of knives are the largest cheese knives. These are designed to press downward and cut the wedge or whole wheel of aged and hard cheese to make it smaller. Typically, these knives will have handles on both sides to allow pushing and distributing even pressure.  The main features of these knives are sharp edges, long blades, and single or double handles. It is ideal for too-hard cheese cutting.

Semi-Heart Knife

The semi-heart knife is are commonly used for dealing with aged cheese. These are made to cut hard cheeses. The wider blade and its cleaver shape allow for cutting hard cheese by applying force, pushing downwards, and cutting down into pieces. The ergonomic blade makes it easier to cut semi-hard cheese. 

Thin knife

A thin knife or narrow plane knife is designed to cut cheese and also cut away the block. It is similar to flat knives, but it will be in a rectangular shape, and both sides will be sharper. Since both short and long edges are sharp, it is ideal for semi-soft to hard cheese cutting. 

Pronged cheese knife

These type of knives is also are known as forked-tipped spears. It is a multi-purpose knife that allows you to cut cheese and pick it up with its prongs at the serving end of the plates. The narrow blade provides minimal surface area, and consequently, soft cheeses don’t stick to it.  

Chisel knife

Chisel knives or flat cheese knives are used to slice hard and aged cheeses by holding the blade vertically and pushing downward. Using the sharp end, you can further cut the cheese into smaller pieces. It is ideal for semi-soft to semi-hard cheese. 

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